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Warmly congratulate Inner Mongolia Zhuo Yang New Materials Technology Development Co., Ltd. Was established successfully

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Inner Mongolia Zhuo Yang New Materials Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company by the Group of Inner Mongolia Tonghui Potash Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Ru Xu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. jointly set up a professional production of new materials company. After the preparation of the five-month period, the Company's founding meeting and the first shareholders' meeting were held on the morning of August 25, 2017. The board of directors of the Company examined and approved the Articles of Association and elected the first board of directors and the board of supervisors And the management team members, and the company officially put into operation after the basic system of the audit, for the project put into operation fully prepared. The project is expected to put into operation in October, the participants on the future development of Inner Mongolia Zhuo Yang new materials company with confidence, look forward to Zhuo Yang new materials company put into operation as soon as possible, wish the future development of "excellence, flying", thriving!

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